Lake Como In December: The Perfect Setting For an Insta-Worthy Photo Shoot


This December we visited Lake Como, and while spring and summer are definitely more desirable seasons to go due to the weather, we still enjoyed our time and our beautiful view from our apartment balcony.

One thing to note about visiting in the winter - there is normally a ferry that stops in all the small towns that you can take to get around, however it stopped running its normal route right before we got there, so we were not able to use it. Also, a lot of shops and restaurants close for the holiday season or sometimes the whole winter. 

We stayed in the little town of Careno which is host to one restaurant (closed at the time) and no shops. It was lovely and quiet, and our apartment was right next to a little church that rang its bells every hour.

Since practically nothing was running or open we used this time as a relaxing end to our tiring Italy trip.


Throughout the day, random holes would open up in the clouds and make for some really interesting light patterns on the water!


We visited Bellagio one day (by bus, which is still running in the winter). Again, most everything was closed, but there were some cute little streets and alleyways to wander through. We did have a not-so-pleasant dining experience in Bellagio though, as there were only two restaurants open in the whole town. 


We went to one of the only two restaurants open - "Princess" - without checking reviews first because the menu outside looked enticing. Upon entering, you could tell it was catered toward tourists since it was very modern, black-and-white decor with an Audrey Hepburn theme. We had already ordered and started drinking our wine and eating the bread before we bothered to look at reviews online, and once we did we knew we made a mistake.

The food was very low quality, most likely frozen and reheated, and service wasn't great either. We did make up for it later that day for dinner though, since Delisa made a very delicious risotto back at the apartment.


Oh how we will miss that view!

Have you visited Lake Como? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments!

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