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Try To Avoid These Overrated Tourist Attractions: 7 Travel Bloggers Reveal Their Disappointing Experiences

Sometimes when planning a trip or curating our bucket list, we get caught up in the whirlwind of glamorous Instagram photos, guide books' "must-see" lists, and the multitude of recommendations we get from friends and colleagues. Well, what about when these things that are on our list end up being a disappointment? What about when you get there and realise...uh oh, I'm in a tourist trap??

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12 Travel Bloggers Reveal Their Favourite Small Towns and Villages Around The World

It's no secret that we love small towns and villages, so we decided to get the opinions of several other travel bloggers about their favourite small towns around the world to get a feel of the vast cultural differences you can experience by sticking with small-town travel. We got submissions of villages from Central American, Europe, and Asia, which are all completely different yet similar in their intimate, authentic feel.  

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