Maybe you’re already a well-seasoned traveller and are looking for new places to explore. Or maybe you haven’t travelled that much yet but are like us and prefer quieter, slower paced travel. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. 

Most travel information you find online is about the major cities and touristy areas, so we thought we would make a blog dedicated to the other stuff.  Our travel blog is dedicated to independent travel to lesser-known small towns and villages. 


Destination: Overlooked Delisa Zak


We are Delisa and Marcin. We have been married for three years and together for seven. Most recently we lived in the Seattle area but have lived in the UK and continental Europe.

We had both been working in the travel industry for a major corporation for years and finally decided the time was right to step away from the corporate life and use our love of travel in an entirely different way. Neither of us are city people, so we prefer quieter, lesser-known, small towns and villages. And you will never, ever find us on a cruise ship.

Delisa was born in Portland, Oregon and grew up in the Seattle, WA area. She is a writer and graphic designer and loves all animals and plants. In the past she has been a violin player, a wedding planner, and holds a motorcycle land speed record. She has always loved travel and loves that she now gets to do it full time.

Destination: Overlooked Marcin Zak




Marcin was born in Poland, but grew up in the United States. He loves travelling and has always wanted to live in Europe for as long as he can remember.  He did a lot of travelling on his own when he was younger, but now he has this amazing opportunity to do something he truly enjoys with the person he loves.

We both are coffee and tea snobs and will go way out of our way for a good bag of freshly roasted beans! We love birds and nature and care deeply for the environment, so you may see us write about those things during our travels as well.  Our dream is to some day have a farm where we can grow a lot of organic fruits and vegetables and raise chickens, sheep, goats, and whatever else.

Where are we?

 We are currently traveling around in an attempt to find the perfect spot to call our home base.  Check out our Real-Time page and follow us on social media for updates of our whereabouts!

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